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Tired Of Paying Too Much For SEO Without Results?

Discover a shocking new way to rank #1 on Google for your most profitable keywords without getting stuck on a month-to-month SEO contract.”

Have you ever been given a proposal from an SEO agency for thousands of dollars a month without knowing they can actually deliver? 

Have you ever been told it will take 6-12 months to see results, even though you pay them monthly from the beginning? 

Here at RED Spear Marketing, we won’t ask for a month to month contract until we can show you results for your individual market. 

All we ask for is a small one time fee to get started and 90 days, that is all. 

We will rank 3 keywords in your niche to show you we know what we can do for you. After that, we can continue working together or you can  move on, simple as that. 

We take pride in what we do and we know we can deliver. That is why we are confident we can get you results without trapping you into a contract without results. 

So please, fill out the form below and let us reach out to you as soon as possible to see what we can do to help skyrocket your rankings.

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Search Traffic Before RED Spear Marketing
6 Months After RED Spear Marketing

Organic traffic increased from 129 to 3,199 visitors! 

That’s a 2379.84% increase!!
* not all campaigns will experience the same results.

Grew His LAW FIRM 300%!!

“Wow! That’s the only word I would say to describe how keen RED Spear Agency is in showing real SEO results. The massive traffic we received in just 3 months blew me away!” — Paul

Grew His SEO Traffic To 49K/mo.

“RED Spear Agency is the real deal. We received more SEO traffic in 3-4 months than we received in a whole year. Highly recommended.” — Nick

How To Get Started

You book a call by filling in the form below. Our team will analyze your site, see what’s going on in your industry, and what your competitors are doing right. Then, we’ll show you on call what we can do together to increase your organic rankings with SEO within 90 days.

Get a detailed SEO plan and see exactly what our team will be doing in 90 days to get you the kind of results that will make you look forward to working with us more after 3 months.

Give us the green light by paying a small, one-time custom fee and we’ll keep you updated every single week to show you what we would have been doing behind the scenes.

If — for some reason — you decide not to take the opportunity to see what we can do in less than 3 months’ time, you will still receive the site audit (worth $100) and SEO plan (worth $150), completely free. No matter how you look at it, for you, it’s a win-win.



At first, it can be difficult to visualize the benefits of a successful SEO campaign, but with the help of our comprehensive reports and phone consultations, you will quickly understand the benefits. The main goal of every campaign that we work on is to achieve the desired results that generate our client more revenue. Ultimately, we’ve found this is what results in long-lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Ranking reports are a great way to see the detailed progress of your campaigns. It is important to remember that SEO campaigns take time to take effect. During the first month, it can seem daunting that first-page rankings have not yet been achieved. This is why we communicate the progress made from day-one of the campaign. As your website rises in the ranking, you will progressively see more search traffic visiting the site.

We target 1 keyword set at a time. This might be anywhere from 3 – 20 keywords. A keyword set is defined as a group of closely related keywords (which we can optimize a single landing page for). For instance, “plumbing in dallas” and “plumbing dallas texas” would be in the same set and “plumbing in fort worth texas” would be in a separate set as it is for a different location. “Drain repair dallas texas” would also be a separate keyword because it is a more specific service and requires it’s own specific page.

On-page optimizations are changes that we make on your website to improve the SEO of your site. This can include changing the title of your homepage, adding or changing some words of a piece of content to create relevance, adding a blog post to your site and creating links between relevant pages. These are just a few of the many possible optimizations we may carry-out during on-page optimization.

Off-page optimizations are  tasks that we perform on other websites to help with your website’s SEO. These tasks can include creating listings for your business on directory websites, publishing guest posts to relevant authoritative blogs, and more. Both on-page and off-page optimization are required to help your website compete.